Rose Marie Weil

Rose Marie Weil was a woman ahead of her time.  She was both a military veteran and a trained nurse during World War I.

She was born in Chicago in 1890.  Her father was an immigrant from Bavaria, her mother born in Illinois.  After the turn of the century her family, parents and the three children, moved to Eagle River, where her father opened an upscale meat market on Railroad Street.  After her father’s death in 1922 her mother and her brother Albert ran the shop.  In 1928 it was sold to Phil Brandner who operated it for more than 60 years.  Forever Young (bike shop) is currently located on the site.

After graduating from Eagle River High School, Rose Marie returned to Chicago to study nursing.  In 1915 she applied for a passport and traveled to England served as a nurse until 1916, the first Eagle River resident to serve overseas in World War I.  Later she served as a nurse in the U.S. Army and worked in a number of Army hospitals throughout the remainder of the war.

After returning to Eagle River she was the head of the American Legion Relief Committee and later served as the President of the Women’s Auxillary of the American Legion in Eagle River.

She continued to work in Eagle River for some years but by 1930 was training other nurses for Los Angeles County social services.  Her mother and  brother Albert, with his family, had moved there and the reunited family shared a home.

Rose Marie lived the remained of her life in Los Angeles and died there in 1961.  She is buried in Los Angeles, a woman with remarkable accomplishments for her day.

Rose Marie Weil