School Programs

When the Historical Museum opened in 2014 the Board of Directors began to plan ways to become an asset to the Northland Pines School District. The program began with an annual visit by each 4th grade class in the district - the fourth grade is the year children study Wisconsin history.

Since then it has expanded to include other grade levels and is enhanced for the 4th grade through our Traveling Trunk, a case of artifacts and documents teachers check out prior to the actual visits.

In 2018 the Society presented new fourth grade textbooks to each district classroom and added more in 2019. Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story meets all updated social studies guidelines for the state. In addition to books and tours, the Society funds bus transportation for the tours.

If you know of a school or youth group that would like to tour, please contact us or call 715-337-0811 to learn more.

4th grade students visiting museum