New Website Launch

Welcome to the new digital face of the Historical Society.  For the past two years our brand development group has worked on a sharper focus for the Society’s identity and a new look for all of its messages.

The Society will be connecting more and more with our members and the community outside the museum walls.  While our museums are and always will be our home base and the heart of the Society, in the future we want to use Charles Van Hise’s thought about the University of Wisconsin – it only stops at the state borders.  The Society wants its work not to be contained by the museum walls but to be part of our larger community.

That philosophy has moved us into the Olson Library with summer lectures, into significant properties with the Historical Home tours, to National History Day sites and in future to other places in our community.

Please share your thoughts with us if you have an idea for other ways we can bring history alive and into our community.  And share your thoughts as you explore these pages.

Karen Sailer, President
Eagle River Historical Society