Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle was established to allow supporters to plan their giving with gifts of stocks or other financial instruments, transfers of real estate or in their estate planning. Participating in the Legacy Circle means you direct your own gifts and control their use. We work with certified financial planners and real estate professionals for all transfers. The Legacy Circle director will be happy to discuss this with you but your own legal and financial advisors are the best source of personal guidance.

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Ken Stallman

“I have included a bequest for the Eagle River Historical Society in my will because I want to be certain that future generations will always have a place to find information about the history of this unique community. My planned gift will provide an ongoing, continuous source of income for the Society. It will ensure that the history of Eagle River and the hundreds of families that have ties to the community will not be lost, but will be passed on for many decades to come.”

Ken Stallman


“I have served and supported the Historical Society for many years. To help ensure that it is sustained in the future I have added the Society to my estate plan. My strong belief in the value of preserving the history and culture of my adopted home town makes this a natural step. I grew up in a mobile, military family and having roots in a community has added so much to my life. I want to ensure that the stories and history of a town I have come to call home are preserved for the future.”

Karen Sailer