ERHS Fundraising Events

Project Mortgage Burning

It was a long anticipated event! At the August, 2018, annual meeting there was a ceremonial mortgage burning to commemorate the final payment on debt from the 2012-14 museum remodeling. What a great feeling!

To the right, past president Craig Moore and President Karen Sailer do the honors. 

Past president Craig Moore and President Karen Sailer do the honors.

Building Bridges Campaign

Building Bridges Donors 2018-19

President’s Circle ($1,000 and above)

Walter Frykholm
Jon Cook
Craig Moore
Karen Sailer

Benefactor ($750-$999)
Patron ($500-$749)

Mike & Barbara Gardner
Mary Kunau
Ken Stallman

Advocate ($250-$499)

Jeff Visner
Alice Kramer
Louise & Rudy Dill
Laura Koranda

Supporter ($100-$249)

Nancy Stott
David & Kathleen Bernstein
Mike & Sandy Bishop
Theodore & Holly Evans
Charles Goldsworthy
Richard & Carol Hooper
Judy & Pete West
Gary Anderson
River Valley Bank
James Seifert & Jo Hendrickson
Kelli Burrill
Betsy Tuttle
Chanticleer Inn
Kim Goluska
William Meihack

Friend (Up to $99)

Meyer Insurance
Hiawatha Lodge
Judith Murphy
Chris Stark
George Jacobs
Nancy Fessenbecker
Northern Glass

Thanks to these generous friends of the Historical Society the Building Bridges Campaign raised $8,706 to support the Society in preserving our heritage and culture.
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Item Donation and Collection Policies

The Eagle River Historical Society is grateful for and welcomes donations relating to its mission:

To ensure the preservation of local history.
To create and promote public interest in the preservation of our history and culture.
To collect and identify materials of historical value and provide a facility to house, display, and preserve these materials.

Interested donors are encouraged to call or visit with the Museum Collection’s Staff (volunteer on Museum site) to discuss proposed item(s) donation to the Museum’s permanent collections. The Museum’s Collection’s Staff is the only staff authorized to accept donation item(s).

  • Upon initial assessment of the donation item(s), Collection’s Staff will indicate whether
    there is an interest to receive the item(s) offered for donation.

  • Once the item(s) are received by Collection’s Staff, a Temporary Custody Receipt (TCR) description and conditions form is completed and Donor is requested to provide a short provenance questionnaire.
    The item(s), TCR, and provenance are then forwarded to the Donation Review Committee
    which will determine acceptance into the Museum’s permanent collection.

  • Upon Donation Review Committee determination,
    the item(s) will be accepted or declined into the Museum’s permanent collection.

    If declined – Notice will be given to donor with disposition pursuant to TCR.
    If accepted – Donor will receive Deed of Gift for Donor’s signature and return to Donation Review Committee.

  • Upon receipt of Deed of Gift, Donation Review Committee
    refers item(s) to Accession and placement in the Museum Collection.

Unfortunately, the Museum receives many offers of donations and cannot accept all items offered. Reasons for not accepting a donation include relevance to mission, duplication of existing items in collection, physical space constraints, provenance, condition, or restrictions on a donation such as requiring an item be displayed.


Donations to the Museum are tax deductible, to the full extent allowed by law, for both federal and State of Wisconsin income taxes purposes. A formal appraisal of a donation is the responsibility of the donor because the IRS does not permit the receiving institution to appraise donated objects, and the Museum staff cannot offer tax advice. It is the responsibility of donors to confer with their tax advisors regarding the tax benefits, details and implications of donations. Once donated, items become part of the Museum’s permanent collections and are treated accordingly.

Who to Contact: Questions concerning item(s) donation, the donation process, or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact the Eagle River Historical Society. Financial donations of cash, securities, wills and estate planning are also accepted. Again, please contact the Eagle River Historical Society.