Historic Resorts

The historic resorts collection comes from many different sources.

Main Lodge of the Everett Resort   -  The resort was built by Fred Morey before the turn of the 19th century and sold to Edward Everett shortly after.  Mr. Everett bought the entire peninsula where the resort stood and the area came to be known as the Everett Colony.

Everett Launch, the ‘Rival’ – Resort guests traveled to Eagle River by train and on to the resort by water.  Most resorts had private launches.

The Hemlock was one of the early resorts on the chain, located just past the bridge heading east on Hwy 70. It also featured many cabins that visitors could rent. Sadly, the Hemlock didn’t last long, shutting down after less than twenty years. The property has passed through several hands and now is known as “Harbor Point” and is privately owned by the Ray family.

Eagle Waters Resort – In 1855 the first white settlement in Eagle River territory was established on the site and grew to have a trading post, bank and post office.  In 1860 the first votes for President Lincoln were cast at the post office.  The main resort lodge was built in 1922.

Chanticleer Inn about 1957 – The resort dates back to 1922.  The Alward family purchased it in 1951 and pioneered the first snowmobile derby on Dollar Lake in 1964.