Chanticleer Inn

Chanticleer Inn about 1957 – The resort dates back to 1922.  The Alward family purchased it in 1951 and pioneered the first snowmobile derby on Dollar Lake in 1964. …

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Eagle Waters Resort

Eagle Waters Resort – In 1855 the first white settlement in Eagle River territory was established on the site and grew to have a trading post, bank and post office.  …

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The Hemlock

The Hemlock was one of the early resorts on the chain, located just past the bridge heading east on Hwy 70. It also featured many cabins that visitors could rent. …

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Everett Resort

Main Lodge of the Everett Resort   –  The resort was built by Fred Morey before the turn of the 19th century and sold to Edward Everett shortly after.  Mr. Everett bought the entire peninsula where the resort stood and the area came to be known as the Everett Colony. …

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It has been my privilege to witness the extraordinary evolution of the Eagle River Historical Society (ERHS) over the past ten years. There was a time when this organization served primarily as a repository of artifacts related to the Eagle River area. …

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P.J. Gaffney

Patrick J. Gaffney, also known as P. J., was born on July 2, 1879, in Mitchell, Ontario, Canada. He came to the U.S. as a boy, arriving in the Northwoods of Wisconsin in 1896 at the age of 17. …

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Grant Cook

Grant Cook in his homestead on Moccasin Lake, west of Land O’Lakes, circa 1898.

Grant Cook was born in 1872 in Binghamton, WI which is about 20 miles inland fromGreen Bay, near Black Creek.His father, Lyman Cook, and his partner George Dickenson ran a general store in the village of Norie and there was a younger brother named Jay. …

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Jasper Roderick

Jasper Roderick, in his early years, late 1800s.

In 1888, eighteen year-old Jasper Roderick moved from New York with his parents and two brothers to Eagle River looking for new opportunities after having moved from Canada to New York, from New York to the Dakota Territory, …

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Daniel Gagen

Gagen Hill on Yellow Birch Lake, Daniel Gagen’s namesake.

One of the Northwoods earliest pioneers

Daniel Gagen, after whom the township of Gagen was named, and who was familiarly known as “Dan” Gagen by the inhabitants of not only Oneida County, but all over the Northwoods. …

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George F. Sanborn

Lawyer, land and timber speculator, father, civic leader

The Sanborn family moved from Swanton, Vermont to Antrim, Ohio in 1860 where George W. Sanborn (George F.’s father) contracted to build the Ohio Central Railway; …

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