Board of Directors

Executive Board Members


Karen Sailer, President

Karen has been a resident of Eagle River and Historical Society member since 1988. She was elected vice-president in 2012 and has served in every office since then. She was elected president in 2015. She also serves as Development Director for the Society.

Her B.A. is in marketing and she was a department store manager and an insurance claims investigator. Currently she is the director of the Northwoods Center in Eagle River.

Ken Stallman

Ken Stallman, Vice President

Ken was born and raised in Eagle River and is currently living in Houston, TX, in the winter months. He and his wife Janice spend much of the summer in Eagle River. Ken is a retired banker. In 2018 Ken added the chairmanship of the Legacy Circle to his duties.


Alice Kramer, Secretary

Alice and her husband Dan are full time residents of Eagle River. Alice is a retired nurse. She is the
Collection Manager as well as secretary.


Nancy Stott, Treasurer

Nancy, a retired attorney, lives in Eagle River full time with her husband Dave. As well as serving as
treasurer, she handles collection cataloging and edits the newsletter.


Craig Moore, Member-at-Large

Craig is a longtime resident of Eagle River, also serves as the Society Historian. He is retired and lives in
Eagle River full time with his wife Beth.

- Advisory Board Members -

Jeff Visner

Design/Build by Visner

Laura Koranda

Owner, Eagle Waters Resort

Mark Johannsen


Kim Goluska

Sunset Point Studios, LLC

Jim Muleady

Muleady Coldwell Banker Realty