George F. Sanborn

Lawyer, land and timber speculator, father, civic leader

The Sanborn family moved from Swanton, Vermont to Antrim, Ohio in 1860 where George W. Sanborn (George F.’s father) contracted to build the Ohio Central Railway; …

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Mort Cook

Mort Cook’s father, L.J. Cook, first came to Eagle River in the spring of 1883. He and his partner, George Dickinson, were looking for a new location for their general merchandise store. They knew that the railroad was coming to town and the logging business was booming. …

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Dave Frankel

Dave Frankel and his wife, Estelle

Dave Frankel was a true entrepreneur before the word was popular. Dave was born in Eagle River in 1887 to Mose and Caroline Frankel, both born in Russia. The date they arrived in Eagle River is not certain but Mose operated a dry goods store on Wall Street about 1900. …

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Isle of B

Dr. Wendell D. Neville patented the Isle of B in October of 1903. To patent land from the United States government, you must fill out federal paperwork, send it off to Washington and have the sitting president sign the patent deed. …

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